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What is feed-in tariff?

Feed-in tariff is the special financial conditions that allow private households becoming members in national Energy market and not only consuming but selling the electricity, generated by household solar power plant, to the power grid for public use.

Hereby, the price, at which households can sell the electric energy by 10 times exceeds the price, at which they buy it for their needs – 5,91 UAH/kW (sale) vice 1.68 UAH/kW (purchase).

It is very profitable, however, there is one restriction – one cannot connect to the household solar power plant with the capacity of more than 30 kW to feed-in tariff (for more powerful plants there is the special feed-in tariff for enterprise).

During a year a household with feed-in tariff, may

save up to UAH 48 thousands
earn до up to UAH 173 thousands

How does feed-in tariff work?

как работает зеленый тариф?

Why do you need feed-in tariff?

How does feed-in tariff may work pursuant to seemingly unprofitable conditions for Energy market?

In fact, it is profitable for all!

Such privileged conditions were created by Energy market within the long term program for development in order to promote the establishment of the new national energy system, where the renewable sources of electric power will take the significant share. The new distributed energy system will become more protected against overloads, will be less dependent on local breakdowns, as well as will allow reducing the consumption of hydrocarbon energy products for generation of electric energy.

Ready plants for feed-in tariff:

Icon of Коммерческое предложение 250W сеть Коммерческое предложение 250W сеть
[333.8 KB, Ver., Скачано: 11102 раз(а)]
Icon of Коммерческое предложение 3kW сеть Коммерческое предложение 3kW сеть
[659.6 KB, Ver., Скачано: 14659 раз(а)]
Icon of Коммерческое предложение 5кВт сеть Коммерческое предложение 5кВт сеть
[662.0 KB, Ver., Скачано: 15775 раз(а)]
Icon of Коммерческое предложение 10kW сеть Коммерческое предложение 10kW сеть
[661.9 KB, Ver., Скачано: 22534 раз(а)]
Icon of Коммерческое предложение 20kW сеть Коммерческое предложение 20kW сеть
[660.6 KB, Ver., Скачано: 7439 раз(а)]
Icon of Коммерческое предложение 30kW сеть Коммерческое предложение 30kW сеть
[627.4 KB, Ver., Скачано: 11260 раз(а)]
Icon of Коммерческое предложение 50kW сеть Коммерческое предложение 50kW сеть
[322.3 KB, Ver., Скачано: 3495 раз(а)]
Icon of Коммерческое предложение 100kW сеть Коммерческое предложение 100kW сеть
[240.2 KB, Ver., Скачано: 7042 раз(а)]

Solar power plant for feed-in tariff

You cannot connect feed-in tariff without on-grid solar power plant. Atmosfera offers on-grid solar power plants, which are completely ready to be connected to the power grid for public use and to receive feed-in tariff.

Such plant will allow significantly reducing the consumption of electric power in the daytime before completing the procedure for receipt of feed-in tariff

You can choose one from our ready configurations of on-grid solar power plants with capacity from 250 W to 100 kW (on the right). Such power plants may be connected to feed-in tariff both as commercial organizations and private households.

If no our ready commercial offers suit you, you can build your own PV plant for feed-in tariff. Just order a free of charge individual calculations and commercial offer for your unique task and technical specifications at the specialists of Atmosfera!

Build your plant for feed-in tariff:


How to connect feed-in tariff?

The simplest procedure to receive feed-in tariff is for private households. The private householders may connect the PV power plants with capacity of up to 30 kW to feed-in tariff.

The connection of feed-in tariff for private persons includes some steps, which you can pass through free of charge using the help from specialists of Atmosfera.

Atmosfera renders free of charge consulting services for connection to feed-in tariff for all its clients!

Order your PV power plant and our specialists will free of charge explain how to connect it to feed-in tariff, and will tell you what to do at each stage of connection. You can start just right now, just fill in this form:

Процедура подключения зеленого тарифа для частных лиц